The holidays that were…

The holidays that were…

The first working week after the festive season is over, we made it, epic stuff, yey!! Maybe it’s just me but it honestly felt like the longest week ever! It’s never easy getting back into work mode is it?

The whole time I couldn’t help thinking last week at this time I was doing this that or the other, not the healthiest or progressive of thoughts  but yeah…

I spent my New Years in a very beautiful scenic part of the island of Ireland,  a little place called Glenbeigh situated on the famous Ring of Kerry, in the heart of ‘The Kingdom’ in the southwest  of Ireland. It was actually my second time visiting  Glenbeigh in the same month, talk about falling in love with a place. The mountains, the fresh air, the people all so warm and welcoming,definitely one for the bucket list . I highly recommend paying a visit if only once.


Despite the storms  I managed to squeeze in a walk on  Rossbeigh Beach, just breath taking!


Did I not just fancy myself a bit of gymnast, not bad jump for an old bird hahaha!


‘The lone horseman ‘ heading out to sea- possibly to Tír na nÓG ? (read up on the myth here )-something serene about this image, Iove it!

THrough trees

Caragh Lake through the branches, nature at its best!


I call this one ‘The Burning Bush’-Caragh Lake at dusk


Don’t ask what I was doing here, just focus on the scenery ok hahaha


If you love nature, you will definitely love this place


Thank goodness for  Airbnb , I managed to  score the coziest cottage  tucked away in the middle of the woods. This house is too cool, for school. There is even a sauna to get you all warmed up.  You can check it out here. Thank me later 😉

Can’t wait for my next adventure, will definitely keep you guys on the loop.

Till next time… xoxo




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