To braid or not to braid….

To braid or not to braid….

Braids have long been hailed as a protective style for natural hair. You have them done and basically leave the hair alone for weeks on end. They tend to last 4-8 weeks depending on the type you have on. They are low maintenance and have been known to promote hair growth.

All the above sound great right?? Yes… for the most part.


I had the twist braids done last month when I was in  Zimbabwe. It has been great to not worry about what to do with my hair for the last few weeks. They are extremely low maintenance which I love. The downside however has made me think ‘are they really worth it’.  Not only did they take a loooong time to install ( mainly because the hairdresser took a break to attend a church service  in the middle of a work day, yep that happened hahaha) but they have not at all been friendly to my hair line.


My hair line is at the best of times very weak but the braids have made it worse. I have been left with unsightly and frankly very embarrassing nearly bald patches (why am I telling you this… (insert confused look lol) . This has made me come to the conclusion that as much as I love the braids, they  are simply not for me.

I now have the tedious task of  growing my hairline back, which I know from previous experience will not be an easy one.Preparation is key here and boy am I well prepared having stocked up on all sorts of oils including  the  black jamaican castor oil, coconut oil, the Manechoice products and armed with a dash of prayer 😉

If like me you are struggling with a weak hairline, be it from styling or natural hair loss, why not join me in the  #hairlinechallenge  journey and lets breathe some life into these edges honey!!

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  1. Noma
    August 24, 2016 / 12:01 am

    Thanks for sharing. This has been my struggle also for as long as l can remember. Even crochet hairstyles and weaves tend to do the same. I have decided not to bother with such as my hairline cannot take these hairstyles. I am growing it now and I can see some progress after staying away from the salon, and other people doing my hair for a year. Let’s be kind to our hairline especially those people with weak hairlines. It’s a painful process to grow it back. For now the struggle continues ..

    • August 24, 2016 / 1:41 pm

      Glad to hear i’m not alone in this struggle. Will definitely be staying away from the braids & salons for a while.Praying they grow back with minimal trouble #frostruggles ;-). Thanks for reading.

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