1 Easy Way To Treat Dry Lips…

1 Easy Way To Treat Dry Lips…

Dry chapped lips are not the most flattering and as the air gets colder, this problem for most of us is one we cannot seem to avoid. Or can we???…

As any girl knows, a swipe of colour (red being my personal favourite) on the lips works wonders in brightening up an entire look and sometimes even your mood. The problem is when you wear any sort of lip colour, it accentuates any dryness  you have. In that instant, the instinctive thing to do is to reach for a balm. Well, I recently came across a surprising swap that works way better!

You will need a wash cloth and your eye cream. Yes, that is all you need!!. Run the wash cloth under warm water. Then gently buff away any flakes on the lips using circular motions. Grabbing a pea sized amount of eye cream with your finger, tap it onto the lips until fully absorbed and apply your lipstick as per normal.


Your eye cream is generally packed with hydrating ingredients but is much less greasy than a balm, so you get smoother results and your lipstick lasts longer too. It works (I know… I was surprised too) .

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