Hairline Challenge Update…

Hairline Challenge Update…

img_0096It’s been several weeks since I started my hairline challenge. I did think of doing a week by week update but to be honest progress has been too slow to justify bombarding your time lines with weekly updates.

My Method

Since starting the challenge I have not worn my hair out at all, opting instead for protective styling, i.e wearing a wig. This has ensured that there has been extremely limited manipulation of the hair in any shape of form.

Every morning and night I have been massaging the castor oil (alternating between the black Jamaican castor oil and the ManeChoice type) on to the hairline as well as tea tree oil every 2nd day.

Wash day has been once a week (watch out for the wash day routine)


 As I mentioned, progress has been slow however  in the last number of  weeks my hairline has filled out quite a bit.  My hairline was (if you recall)  in a very bad state after taking down the braids. I had a very noticeable bald spot on the right side (yes I cried, screamed and a few glasses were thrown when I first discovered this ;-). This is very slowly but surely filling out as well.  The biggest lesson I have learnt so far is patience, this will not happen over night so patience is key. Nonetheless I am confident that the 3 month challenge will be a resounding success. Fingers crossed for no setbacks.

How has your journey been so far? Lets discuss in the comment section below.

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