Fitness update – My top tips…

Fitness update – My top tips…

Ok, so I have made ‘getting fit’  a resolution for the past number of years but somehow by the 2nd week I start to slack off ( I know, it’s terrible). Somehow, this year feels a little different. We are going into the 3rd week and I am still on track and determined to see it through. I thought I would share with you a few of my top tips that have helped me to (more or less) stick to my plan.

1.Be organised

Organisation is definitely key particularly with food. It is not the easiest thing to do but I often find I am less likely to reach for the ‘bad foods’ if I have my healthy snacks and fruits at hand. I am finding that prepping healthy  lunches is not only good for the body but for the pocket too  After all they do say great abs are made in the kitchen, right 😉

2.Get a gym buddy.

This is helping me a lot as I am less likely to flake once I have set a ‘gym date’ with a friend. My friend Niamh and I have teamed up in order to encourage each other along the way and so far so good. It’s great place for a catch up too 😉

3.Sign up for gym classes.

I am finding classes very helpful in my fitness journey as  we have qualified instructors telling us what to do otherwise I’d be totally lost. It makes for a great break from just running on the treadmill. My gym ( Flyfit ) has many different classes that you can sign up for, at no extra cost.

4.Get outside.

When I  find myself getting a little bored with the gym, the great outdoors is good for getting my mojo back. This weekend , Niamh and I went up to the Montpelier Hill  (Hellfire Club as it is commonly known) in the Dublin Mountains.  The climb was a great work out plus we got the benefit of the views once we got to the top.

5.Cut your self some slack.

In the past I have made the mistake of cutting off all treats and getting on this ridiculous regiment. I find being so strict doesn’t help as I am  more likely to just give up after a short time. Being good all time is nearly impossible ( well for most of us mortals) so don’t beat your self up for having the odd treat. Apply the 90/10 rule which is eating a healthy balanced diet for 90% of the time and a having your treat once in a while ( the 10%). A burger never hurt nobody ;-).

Is getting fitter also on your to do list for the new year? If so how are you getting on? I hope we all make it this time around. The trick is to keep going and not give up! We will be thanking ourselves this time next year!.

Till next time


Outfit Details 

Don’t break the bank- Penneys a.k.a- Primark currently has some great exercise gear instore.



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