Budapest: Winter Weekend Getaway…

Budapest: Winter Weekend Getaway…

So this year I decided I would say ‘yes’ to all new positive experiences and try to avoid finding excuses not to do things. So when the opportunity came to visit a city I had never been to before, I was one hundred percent on board.

On the last weekend of January a few of my girlfriends and I went on a little weekend break to Budapest in Hungary. All the girls were celebrating finishing their nursing degrees (congratulations girls)  and I tagged along for the ride.

The flight out was early on Friday morning, (those 4am starts are a killer I tell you) but we wanted to be down early enough to at least get a few hours of exploring on the day. Well,that didn’t happen, by the time all 9 of us were checked into the hotel (we stayed in the Roombach Hotel) , freshened up and ready to take in the city, the light of day was nearly gone. Instead we took the opportunity to find a nice cosy bar for a few beverages before dinner. Lets just say that Friday was a very social one and everyone was in a jolly good mood by the end of it ;-).


Saturday was really our only full day there  and we had to squeeze in all the major sightseeing into the few hours of daylight.  Thank goodness for the  Hop on Hop off, it makes it so much easier being a tourist particularly if you only have a limited time in a place.  Our first drop off was at the Heroes’ Square Budapest a world Heritage site situated in-front of the City Park.

The temperatures were below freezing , -8 to be precise which for me was absolute torture. Those who know me know I do not function well in those kind of temperatures hahaha. Thank goodness the the Szechenyi Baths  were only a walking distance from the  Square. The baths are a major attraction in Budapest of which I had been very much looking forward to the experience and they did not disappoint.  I did feel like I was heated from the inside out, within minutes my whole body was thawed out (no lie). They say the water originates from the artesan springs of the City Park and is effective for healing various diseases including that of the nervous and digestive system (more reasons to jump in). This for me was the major experience of the day.


Sunday came around way too quickly, we were returning home that evening but we did manage to take in a few more sights beforehand. St Stephen’s Basilica literally took my breath away. It is the largest church in Budapest and the architecture is out of this world, a definite must see. The Opera House with it’s Baroque, and Renaissance Revival architecture is another must see.


The plan was to go on the river cruise on the Danube (the second longest river in Europe) but the temperatures were so low that the river was frozen and no boats were moving at all (imagine that ).  There is so much more to do and see in Budapest, a weekend visit was not nearly enough. It will have to wait until the next visit (preferably in the summer hahaha).



We managed to get home in one piece that evening  and for the first time ever I was grateful for the ‘mild winter weather’ in Dublin hahaha (imagine that).

What is your favourite winter get away destination?.

Till next time




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