Colour Therapy…

Colour Therapy…

The 20th of March was the 1st day of Spring and if this weekend is anything to go by, it is safe to say Spring has finally  ‘sprung’ in our neck of the woods. The weather had been dismal to say the least up until the a few days ago. We have had it all cold spells, snow, rain  and more rain. It was  enough to get anyone down, but a long last a bit of sunshine is peeping through and we are loving it. Long may it last!!

The  sun may be shining but the temperatures are definitely still mild enough for jumpers but we can at least infuse a bit of colour for that spring feeling 😉  You will be surprised what a difference colour can make to ones outlook and so when I stumbled upon studies conducted on the use of   ‘colour therapy’ as a way to affect one’s mood I thought I just had to share it with you. One of the most interesting studies I came across was the effect of bubble gum pink a.k.a ‘drunk tank pink’ . The colour has apparently been used to calm violent prisoners in jail.  Dr Alexander Schauss, the director of the American Institute for Biosocial Research in Washington says ; ”Even if a person tries to be angry or aggressive in the presence of pink, he can’t. the heart muscles won’t race fast enough. ” It’s a tranquilising colour that saps your energy.”

I know I went a bit heavy there but hey isn’t it fun to learn new things from time to time;-).

This completely explains why I feel much better when wearing bright colours. No wonder I was in such a great mood last weekend rocking this purple balloon sleeve jumper, with these Hayden Jeans. I absolutely love these no fuss outfits that you can wear all day and with a change of one or two accessories , can take you into the night too.  A change from flat of shoes here and I was dinner ready and of course I kept the Bow Pow Heart Necklace. to complete the look.


So there you have it, a bit of co;our will keep the blues away 😉
Wishing you a colour filled week.
Till next time

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