Miami Diary 2017…

Miami Diary 2017…

First things first, I  feel the need to explain myself a little bit, bear with me.  I grew up watching the likes of Miami Vice, loved the Bad Boys movies set in Miami and later on I was ridiculously obsessed with  CSI Miami. Horatio Caine (played by David Caruso) was the ultimate coolest ‘dude’ in my books and I just always wanted to at least be in the same time zone as him, weird right, I know (scarlet).  Then they had to go and produce Moonlight with Mahershala Ali, that sealed it for me.


So you see, the trip to Miami was going to happen sooner or later and I am very happy to say it did not disappoint. The weather, the food, the hotels and the people were all just top notch. We packed so many activities into the  few days we had, so much so that I felt we needed a holiday after the little getaway (as you do ;-)).

My travel companions for our mini getaway were my long time friend  Nothabo who flew in from Dallas Texas and her cousin Snqo who was coming from Toronto Canada. We had so much fun we are already planning our next get together.


Where we stayed;

We spent our first night in the W Hotel in downtown Miami.  a gorgeous contemporary hotel right bang in the middle of Brickell District. Our room had a balcony  with views of the city of Miami. The staff were so helpful and friendly, and made our short stay very enjoyable.

We checked into a resort the next day, called the Turnberry Isle Miami in South Florida.  Now when I tell you this is a little piece of heaven on God’s green earth, believe it. It is the most luxurious place I have ever stayed in. It was recently named one of the “World’s Best Resorts” by Travel + Leisure Magazine, and a Forbes 2017  recommended resort. That tells you the caliber of professionalism and care the staff extends to their guests. There was a shuttle bus every 15 minutes to take guests to various destinations around the area, including the mall and the beach. You had the option for a private car as well if you so wished . The service was always world class.


Our room was very airy, bigger than other hotel rooms or even apartments I’ve have ever stayed in. We had a couch area as well as what I termed the ‘business corner’, where they had a table and chairs fit for an office. I felt I should be making some sort of deals on that table

They had on the walls pictures of some famous faces that have stayed in the resort including Elizabeth Taylor and Will Smith. Now if it is good enough for them, trust me, it is more than good enough for me ;-). As far as hotels go,  the Turnberry Isle Miami takes the cup!!


What we got up to;

We only had 5 days to play with. which meant very little time to take in as much sight seeing as possible. We managed to get to South Beach, the Wynwood Art District, the Everglades, Key West,  take a boat cruise tour and still squeezed in some ‘lay in the sun’ time.






Where we ate;

The 1st night I was super exhausted from the long flight, so we decided to keep it casual and have dinner in Tacology, a Mexican restuarant in Brickell City Centre. Delicious tacos were on the menu and so were the margaritas which quickly made me forget how tired I was, (don’t judge ;-)).



Breakfast was in Bachour Bakery and Bistro, their belinis…to die for, need I say more.

After the long walks around Wywood Walls , we ventured into what appeared to be a cute little place  from the outside, La Victoria, turned out to be a lively Italian American hangout fully equipped with a kitchen, a bar and a dance floor . What more could one ask for.

The resort brunch menu was epic, although we had to be strong enough to walk away from the bottomless mimosa. They had everything from sea food to deserts, I would without hesitation recommend their key lime pie. I could not get enough!!



On the last night I felt like we had left America and were in the heart of Cuba. we had dinner in El Meson De Pepe’s,  an authentic Cuban restaurant with great atmosphere, a live band and the friendliest staff. Thank you Jose for attempting to teach me a bit of salsa ;-).  That was by far my favourite food experience.


How we got around;

Besides the resorts shuttle and car, for longer journeys Uber was our best friend, always ready with a ride at the touch of a button at any given time. I’m sure everyone in the world is familiar with Uber. For the 4 hour drive to Key West Avis in Aventura Mall came to the rescue. I really wanted  for us to get a soft top car just for kicks but as luck would have we were late getting down to the rental place and they were sadly all gone. My dreams were shattered lol.


The next time I go back, I would definitely stay for longer, there are  a lot of hidden gems to explore. Nonetheless, girls trips are always too much fun, it won’t matter where we are.  I am so  looking forward to our next trip already.



Till next time

Zools xxx






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